Rehman farm is Pakistan’s 4th largest cattle, goat, poultry and dairy farm. The Rehman Farms was initiated by Mr. Saif-ur-Rehman Khan Niazi with the mission. The mission of participating a playing a valued role in boosting Pakistan’s economy. The farm is spread on around 34 acres of agricultural land. Mr. Saif-ur-Rehman Khan Niazi has a dream of building the most innovative farmhouse of Pakistan. The farmhouse is divided into 4 parts and has multiple sections:

Goat Farm
  •   Breeding.
  •  Milk Harvesting
  •   Meat Packaging.
Cattle Farm
  •   Dairy Farm.
  •   Meat Packaging.
Fish Farm
  •   Breeding.
  •   Meat Packaging.
Poultry Farm
  •   Egg Harvesting.
  •   Meat Packaging.
Cattle Farm

Rehman Cattle Farm is covered on 10 acres of land in total. The cattle farm is distrusted in multiple sections

The Rehman cattle farm is collecting tons of milk daily and distributing it to more than 50 dealers. The Rehman cattle farm has its separate veterinary center that makes sure each cow is healthy and non-infected and is always ready to produce healthy milk.

On the other hand, the meat collection center is one of its kind. Every cow is sacrificed under the Sharia Law. Each cow is sacrificed separately in a hygiene environment. The meet processing center collects meet and checks its standard to pass it on to the packaging center.

The Rehman Cattle Farm has multiple breeds:

  •   Kanjrej.
  •   Dhanni.
  •   Cholistani.
  •   Australian.
  •   Red Sindhi.
  •   Brown Swiss.
  •   Lohani Cattle.
  •   Sibi Bhagnari.
  •   Sahiwal Cattle.
  •   Gelbvieh and others.
Rehman Goat Farm

Rehman Goat Farm is built upon more than 8 acres of land. The farm is one of its kind because of the latest technology and machinery adoption. The goats in the farm are well-taken care of by the multiple departments like veterinary, milk production, meat processing centers. The Rehman Goat Farm has multiple 1st class breeds. We have more than 20 breeds in our farm and top-rated breeds in those are as following:

  • Kajli.
  • Kamori.
  • Barbari.
  • Beetal.
  • Nachi Goat.
  • Surati Goat.
  • Lohi Sheep.
  • Balkhi Sheep.
  • Kaghani Goat.
  • Saanen Goat.
  • Dera Din Panah.
  • Damascus Goat.
  • Murciana Goat.
Rehman Poultry Farm

Rehman Poultry Farm has thousands of egg-laying hens that are laying eggs daily. The breeding control center in Rehman Farm makes sure that each hen is healthy to lay eggs. All the eggs are collected automatically through its egg collection center. The poultry farm is spread on 5 acres of land that is more than enough for the poultry to walk around and stay healthy.

On the other hand, the veterinary center has its complete grip over the poultry section to make sure the virally infected hens are separated from non-infected poultry are and disposed of properly. At our farm, the most famous breeds on our farm are:

  •   Barnevelder.
  •   Buff Orpington.
  •   Specklady Hen-Hybrid.
  •   Welsummer.
  •   Light Sussex.
  •   Rhode Island Red.
  •   Araucana.
  • Black Rock.
  •   Japanese Bantam.
Fish Farm

The Rehman Fish farm is spread on 10 acres land and most innovative technology systems are implanted here to make sure the increase in the fish meat. Each pond in the Rehman Fish farm is fed automatically with the food processing machines and Fishes are kept in cold and warm water both to ensure the quality of meat. Currently, Rehman fish farm is harvesting meet from below fish breeds.

  •   Catla.
  •   Rohu.
  •   Mrigal.
  •   Grass carp.
  •   Silver carp.

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