The EID celebration of this year will be a new experience for the majority of Muslims because of the Covid19 pandemic. The Eid celebrations this year would be a low-key event. With this situation, we able to reflect and appreciate all of the things we had or enjoyed before the lockdown.
The definition of EID is to celebrate one’s one-month abstinence from eating, drinking and deeds on should not be doing. It is a good way for your body to cleanse itself of all the toxic stuff you put in and also to heal your soul. The modest celebration is sufficient as there will be no wastage, although others might differ. The best practice is only one or two dishes to commemorate the end of Ramadhan – which is what EID-ul-Fitr truly means. That’s how they celebrate in Mecca, no festivities on EID day.

My Beloved B4U Family Members

With lots of demand, B4U Group is going to launch an agriculture pharmaceutical company named AgroZem. The research and testing lab is underway and soon we will set our stage to launch the company properly with our beloved B4U Group of companies’ family members. The company will fulfill the rising demand for pesticide medicines and will focus on the research and development to enhance the quality of its products and innovate more products.
On the other hand, the SR Coins technology is almost done and the company is going to launch its first-ever cryptocurrency in the open market. The SR Coin will be available for trading in many parts of the world such as Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Spain, Bahrain and others. The current B4U Group clients can also trade in the SR Coin and can refer friends and family to earn a commission from the referral program.
Muslims must always remember that Islam is a religion of peace, kindness, compassion and forgiveness. These are divine attributes that must always be held in high esteem. As we strive to draw closer to our Creator during Ramadhan, we must continuously make the effort to become better human beings. Islam teaches us to care. It obliges the strong and wealthy to help the weak and poor without regard for recognition or reward. Indeed, giving is more fulfilling than receiving.

This is why I truly believe that charity always starts at home. For EID, our presence is simply the greatest gift to our family. Regardless of the social distancing measures enforced, we still can wish to our loved ones and families to mark the occasion by over the phone or messaging apps – forgiving, renewing and strengthening ties. A significant feature of EID is the generosity and sharing of this special day of rejoicing with not only the poor but also friends and families of other faiths. This is a true hallmark of diversity and showcases our respect for others within our society, ensuring we live peacefully together. This we must never take for granted.
Our ‘Amanah’ as custodian of the B4U Global is to ensure a sustainable source of revenue for development. In giving back to communities, it is our calling in creating avenues to continuously improve the quality of life around us. Alhamdulillah, with Covid19 charity activities, Ramadhan donation and Bravo Cabs free ride for ‘frontline heroes’ Covid-19 campaign is a successful program. For this EID, let us embrace the spirit of faith by going back to Shared Values to ensure that we collectively state true and steadfast towards the cause of the B4U Group of Companies. The journey must continue. I believe the right tracks have been laid down before us and I am confident with our journey. Beliefs, we have the right foundation to continue growing B4U Group to greater heights.
We humbly seek your forgiveness for any shortcomings on our part.

Saif Ur Rehman | Founder & CEO