B4U Consultants Company was established in 2019 by Saif-ur-Rehman under the B4U Group of Companies umbrella. The financial experts at B4U Consultants have decades of experience in financial advising and consultancy.


To appear as the financial advisors globally and serve the people with great knowledge. We are dedicated to build a strong professional relationship with our clients and keep our focus on the future by meeting all the clients’ requirements. We are working with the corporate size of private businesses and the government to help them achieve the goals they are after. We are always in pursuit of fulfilling our professional, social and moral responsibilities and we don’t compromise on the core values this organization is built upon. We do it to be one of the most trusted financial consultants in the region.


Our vision is to become the most trusted and established financial consultants in Pakistan and overseas.

Our Expertise

Certified Financial Services

B4U Consultants provides certified financial services to large corporations, individual clients and government sectors. Our role as a financial consultant ensures that we are providing expert opinion on a business proposal and decision. B4U Consultants is providing two types of financial consulting: Business and Personal. Companies are hiring our experts whenever they need our expertise in business planning and decisions in accounting and finance. On the other hand, individual hire our services to manage their day-to-day investment plans, property related matters as well as long-term financial plans. These skills for business and individual may sound similar but both require different skills set to tackle the issues.